War Eagle! Auburn Claims Title

National Championship

Auburn Tigers 22 Oregon Ducks 19 in Glendale, AZ

The BCS National Championship came down to a field goal by Wes Byrum of Auburn to propel the Tigers to their second national title. A competitive game throughout, Oregon scored first with a field goal, but Auburn responded with a touchdown.  After an Oregon touchdown (and 2 point conversion), the Tigers followed with another one of their own to take a 16-11 lead at halftime. Scoring was limited in the second half. A field goal by auburn stretched the lead to 8. But Oregon followed with a touchdown pass by  Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas and another two point conversion. This set up a drive engineered by Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton.  An odd play occurred in which Tigers running back Michael Dyer was seemingly completely tackled, but was actually not. In fact, Dyer slowed down, causing Oregon defenders to quit chasing him (some were headed back to the huddle). Dyer heard the whole Auburn bench reminding him that the play was not over, and ran for over 30 yards on the play. Another run that was originally called a touchdown but was called back set up a very short field goal, which Byrum nailed to let the confetti fall down in Glendale.

Lookin' good

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cam Newton Celebrates the win by holding the Coaches’ Trophy.

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