March Madness Preview


Yes, it’s a time when football dies, and basketball is born. All attention is brought to the hardwood come February time. Although the NBA is popular, it’s hard to overlook the excitement of college hoops. This year there will be a few changes to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. One includes the format, and the other involves the television rights:


1. There will be 68 teams this year in the tournament instead of the usual 65. There was one additional no.16 seed before (play-in game). But now there will be two additional no.16 seeds (total of 6) and two additional no.13 seeds (total of 6). Thus, there will be four games that will comprise the First Round (First Four). Then everything after that round will be played as in the years past.

2. CBS will share television rights with TruTV, TNT, and TBS (Turner Broadcasting). All live games will be available in their entirety in this layout.

There was initially going to be 96 teams in the tournament, but it was decided that a modest expansion was more appropriate.

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