Tournament Resumes: Cincinnati & Xavier

The local batch of teams are hoping to improve their NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament resumes, so when March arrives, they will be in the Big Dance. How do they Fare? Take a look:

Cincinnati Bearcats:

  1. Record: 20-6
  2. Strength of Schedule Rank (SOS): 95
  3. RPI Rank: 47

Quality Wins: Dayton, Miami (OH), Seton Hall, Xavier, St. John’s, and Louisville.

Bad Losses: None

Xavier Musketeers:

  1. Record: 19-6
  2. SOS Rank: 37
  3. RPI Rank: 19

Quality Wins: Seton Hall, Butler, Rhode Island, Dayton, Temple, Richmond, Georgia, Duquesne.

Bad Losses: Charlotte

Bottom Line: Xavier is nearly a lock to get in, as long as they continue to roll over the Atlantic 10, and is projected as a no.7 seed. Cincinnati’s future is more of a mystery. However, a win over Louisville greatly helps their chances. As of now they are projected to be a no. 10 seed.

Click here for bracket predictions by Joe Lunardi of ESPN:

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