Tourney Time

So the time has finally arrived, get your brackets and out and start your journey to the perfect bracket. Well, let’s say at least a winning bracket, since the odds for an unblemished bracket are over 9.2 quintillion to 1. Anyway Xavier and Cincinnati, in the same year, are in the NCAA© tournament for the first time in a while. The Bearcats’ 5 year absence has left fans very anxious for this tournament. Xavier, in the meantime, is looking for 4 consecutive sweet sixteen appearances. Here is what lays ahead for the hometown teams:

Cincinnati Bearcats

The Cats’ are back in the dance, and will play #11 seeded Missouri Tigers at 9:30 (approx.) in the West Region. The Bearcats received a #6 seed, themselves. Despite the better seed, many experts like Missouri upsetting UC in the Round of 64. The West Region is littered with strong teams including: Duke, San Diego State, and Connecticut. If UC will be able to hold off the tigers, a likely Big East rematch between Connecticut would occur.

Xavier Musketeers

Xavier after being upset by Dayton in the Atlantic Ten Tournament, will play #11 seeded Marquette Golden Eagles Friday at 7:30 (approx.). The Musketeers were also seeded #6. Marquette will be pose a threat to XU. However, Xavier’s star player Tu Holloway and the rest of the team will be ready to rebound after the disspointing loss to Dayton. Xavier is located in the East Region, along with Ohio State, North Carolina and Syracuse. Syracuse would likely be XU’s second round opponent, should they both win Friday.


Perhaps the most thrilling part of the tournament are the upsets. Here are a few possible sleeper teams to watch out for:

  • Richmond no.12 seed
  • Utah State no.12 seed
  • Oakland (MI) no. 13 seed
  • Wofford no.14 seed
  • Old Dominion no.9 seed (possible second round upset?)

This isn’t saying they are going to win. But their opponents should not take them lightly. Expect the sixteen seed drought to continue. Although UNC-Asheville is an entertaining team, expect Ohio State and the other #1 seeds to coast through the first round.

Visit this site to watch all of the games for free:

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