Happy 235th Birthday, USA

July 4th, marks a day recognizing our nation’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. Fireworks and parades fill the patriotic day. The sports world also does it’s part in honoring Independence Day:

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Okay, maybe it’s not a sport. Maybe it shouldn’t even be allowed, but competetive eating flexed its stomach muscles during the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut continued his dominance by chowing down 62 dogs in 10 minutes, winning his 5th straight “mustard belt.” 

Photo Credit: Katie Chao/The Huntington Post

The National Pastime

Major League Baseball players celebrated the Fourth by wearing commemorative hats, featuring a patriotic design.  But the patriotic design did not help the Cincinnati Reds as they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 1-0, despite a complete game by Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.

 Photo Credit: Jeff Roberson/AP

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