Big East Conference: A Sinking Ship

Rutgers leaves to join Big Ten, along with Maryland from the ACCFirst, Boston College, Miami, and Virginia Tech left the Big East in 2003. After the shake-up, Cincinnati, Louisville, and South Florida joined the Big East. Last year, West Virginia left the BE for the Big 12. Pittsburgh and Syracuse will join the ACC from the Big East, next year. Now, Rutgers will join the crowd leaving the Big East, this time for the Big Ten. There are already rumors that Connecticut, is likely ACC replacement for Maryland. While there will be new teams to replace the ones leaving (including San Diego State, Boise State, and Houston) there are talks that these additions may not be followed through. This is combined with the fact that the Big East will lose its automatic bid for the BCS next year.

Will Cincinnati be in the Big East for long? Time will only tell. If Louisville ends up staying in the Big East, then UC will probably stay. But if Louisville bolts for the Big 12 or ACC, UC will probably follow.