Reds Fall Short

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds 6-4, to cap an amazing comeback in the 5 game series, after trailing 0 games to 2. Ironically, the Giants were held scoreless for eight of nine innings. Unfortunately for the Reds, the Giants put up a six spot in the fifth inning. This was marked by Giants C Buster Posey’s grand slam to give the Giants a 6-0 lead. The Reds responded with two in the bottom half. A home run by LF Ryan Ludwick cut the deficit in half in the sixth. In the ninth inning, the Reds scored yet again bringing the score to 6-4. As the winning run at bat, RF Jay Bruce had an epic battle with Giants closer Sergio Romo. In what resulted in a 12 pitch at-bat, Bruce fouled off pitch after pitch after pitch. Then, he flied out to left field for the 2nd out. 3rd Baseman Scott Rolen struck out to end the series.