NFL Labor Issues

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith

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The NFL is struggling to find a compatible new collective bargaining agreement. It’s the usual showdown between the player’s union (NFLPA) and the owners. Before football can be played, a new CBA must be reached. The former one, which was supposed to expire a few days ago, has been extended seven more days. This allows one more week of labor discussion. Perhaps you may be wondering what’s at stake. Here are some of the main issues that must be resolved:

  • How to distribute $9 Billion in revenue
  • An 18-game season, instead of the current 16 games.
  • Rookie salary wage
  • Players’ retirement benefits

Formal meetings between the NFLPA and the owners will resume on Monday. If an agreement is not reached, a lockout will follow. This will mean that most football-related events (except for the NFL Draft) will cease for the time being.