PED’s still problematic in Baseball

Names mentioned in report include A-Rod

It turns out Rodriguez was only telling the partial truth.
A Miami nurtritional clinic, Biogenesis, was becoming suspiscious to investigators. It turns out if was performance-enhancing substatance distributor and the clinic was forced to close down. Products distritbuted included Human Growth Hormone, which is banned by MLB (and illegal). A New York Times report includes names that were on a customer list. These names include Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, and Nelson Cruz. Cruz and Gonzalez were not connected with PED’s in MLB prior to the reports. Rodriguez confessed to using banned substances in the past but indicated he hasn’t used any since 2003. But the report mentions dates as late as 2009, for transactions with Biogenesis.

The Rocket has Landed

50-year old Roger Clemens has been signed by the Sugarland Skeeters (Independent League). Clemens pitched Saturday and completed 3 1/3 scoreless innings. While Clemens has admitted he is not “Major League Ready,” the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers have expressed interest in signing him.

Lance Calls it Quits

7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstong is finished fighting the United States Anti-doping agency and their claims of Armstrong using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. The famous cyclist said, “enough is enough.” It’s important to note this is not a confession, as he continued to deny any wrongdoing. However, it is a concession to the battle with the USADA. The devastating consequences are a lifetime ban from cycling, and titles being stripped from him.